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Advantages of Powder Coating over Traditional Wet Painting

Powder coating is a popular painting style that offers different finishes and allows the use of different color options. It makes for a more enhanced appearance of the painted surface, as opposed to what is possible with the traditional panting methods. You will appreciate the quality of the results.

It is an efficient painting style. The use of electromagnetic charges to hold the powder to the part means there is minimal waste during painting. There is also the regulation of the spraying amounts in each session. There is no need to wait for a coat to dry, which makes for a faster process.

It is also cost-friendly. You will buy the materials you need for the painting that is specific to the project at hand. The powder used is cheaper than wet paint. Its storage and handling are also more versatile and affordable.

A powder-coated surface is more durable than a wet painted one. The curing process of the powder coat allows the powder to melt and form long chemical chains when it gels together. It thus makes for a more flexible finish, where the surface can bend and flex to accommodate vibrations and movement. It makes a scratch, flake, and corrosion-resistant surface.

Powder coating allows for creating a customized color and finish. You can specify a blend of colors to come up with a unique one, and a finish to match any idea or surface you had in mind. You will see a high gloss, matte, wrinkle, glitter, and any other finish you can think of. Such variety is hard to find elsewhere.

It is also gentler on the environment. The powder used in this process has no solvents or chemicals, thus making it safer to use and dispose of afterward. There will be no release of harmful chemicals to the environment, and the process has minimal waste if any. Painters wearing protective clothing will not inhale any of the powder, thus remaining safe throughout the process.

It also offers a higher equality finish. No other paint option matches the quality you see when powder coating is used. The melting and flowing of the powder created an even surface all over the painted item. There will be no dripping, running, or uneven surfaces. You do not have to sand or refinish thereafter.

You also have an easy to maintain surface. You do not have to use any special cleaning agents on this surface. You simply wipe it down with soapy water then rinse it off. It will also not get damaged from rust or scratch easily. With such a simple and easy maintenance need, a powder-coated surface is welcome in most industries.

There are many benefits you will enjoy when you opt for powder coating as opposed to traditional wet paint. It will be the faster to apply coat, the longer-lasting one that also needs the least attention while looking and feeling much better. Its qualities make it the preferred option on most items and in many industries.
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