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The Benefits and Types of Door Alarms for the Elderly

Dementia causes gradual deterioration of the ability to think. Dementia affect the brain and a person suffering from these illnesses have difficulties in doing their day to day activities. Those suffering from dementia don’t communicate well and they have problems controlling their emotions. The Alzheimer’s disease is the main type of dementia and mainly affects the old. Family members and caregivers find challenges in taking care of people with dementia especially those with dementia wandering. The symptoms of dementia wandering are going away from home to unknown places irrespective of time. Door alarms have come to rescue those with dementia wandering. If an elderly individual opens the door, the alarm on the door will ring. The following is the importance of door alarms for the elderly.

As a caregiver, you are not supposed to lock the door but use an alarm. Alarms are more recommendable than door locks since they are safer during fire. There have been cases of individuals who have been burned to death since they were locked inside their homes. As a person is moving out in case of dangers, the alarm will also enable you to find a solution immediately. The elderly people are not happy when they are locked inside their homes.

If you want better sleep, you should install an alarm on the doors. You don’t have to spend the whole night watching your grandparent or elderly parents. Yu will relax at night since the alarm will ring when a person moves to the door. It is also advisable to use exterior door alarms to prevent the elderly from going to the pool or washrooms unmonitored.

You should choose a door alarm from the following choices.

The best door alarm is Passive Infrared Alarm. Once a person breaks the plane across the door, the alarm will ring. The alarm can be installed in the inside or the outside. It is advisable to use exterior PIR alarms if your grandparents used some rooms in your house.

The other major door alarm to monitor the elderly is the string alarm. The main components of the string alarm are the string and a magnet. The alarm rings immediately the connection between the alarm and the string is broken. After you have prevented your grandparent from moving out, you need to attach the string back to the magnet.

The other effective door alarm for the elderly is the floor sensor. The floor sensor pads are installed just next to the entrance or exit. If the floor sensors detect some weight, the alarm ring.

The other door alarms for elderly is the magnetic door alarm.