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Important Things That You Must Be Aware Of With Regards To Carbon Fiber

When we say carbon fiber, we are actually referring to the greatest and most inexpensive solution for bowed walls. However, if you want to make sure that you are getting the result that you want to have regarding bowed walls, make it a point to install carbon fiber proper and appropriately.

Now, prior to us moving on to further discuss carbon fiber and its installation, we will first talk to you about the possible reasons why basement wall tend to bow down. As a homeowner, we are sure that you know about how the walls of your basement are always under pressure because of rock and dirt accumulated, combined with the constant cycles of freeze and thaw. What usually happens when a new foundation is built or poured in is that the surrounding area will be backfilled and will start to settle down. When the rain starts to pour in, what usually happens is that the ground that is surrounding our foundation becomes saturated, leading to it getting heavier. When this happens, the soil will get compacted and horizontal pressure will be added to our basement walls. In addition to that, we also want you to know that when seasonal freeze and thaw cycle constantly happen, this will make the soil contract and expand at different depths, resulting from the pressure to move up and down your foundation. As time goes by, the inward pressure will build up to the point that cracks will become visible to the foundation of your home. In some cases, the first cracks will appear near the frost line. One thing about these cracks that you should know of is that they tend to appear with as little as five hundred fifty pounds of pressure. For those of you who may have plans to add a concrete driveway or a concrete patio, know that this will add great pressure to the soil and will accelerate the cracking of your basement walls.

The best possible thing that you can do to avoid this sort of thing from happening to your basement walls is to install carbon fiber. But then again, installing carbon fibers must be done properly and appropriately cause if you do not do it right, you will only add more problem rather than solving it. Always bear in mind how carbon fibers or carbon fiber straps that are properly installed will create a repair that is much stronger and much durable than steel beams. It can strengthen your foundation to the point that it will be able to withstand fifty thousand psi. Moreover, when you properly and appropriately install carbon fiber straps, your foundation will be held together for quite some time and that time is enough for your basement walls to go steady and not bow down.

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