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A Guide to Purchasing Corned Beef

Corned beef is ultimately beef cuts (usually briskets) that have been soaked in a brine for curing the beef to ensure that it lasts longer. Rock salt is the ingredient used in creating the brine. It is the rock salt bits that were dubbed “corns” because of their shapes. And that explains where the “corned” originated. Corned beef briskets are famous for meals for the various occasion because of the delicious taste. So how do you purchase the best quality corned beef? Read on and see what you should look at to ensure you get the best corned beef.

First and foremost, you cannot get the best meat product if you buy it from an unscrupulous supplier or store. With that in mind, you should check whom you are purchasing the corned beef from to ensure that you get the products. Check the reputation of the supplier you are ordering or purchasing from because not all business in the meat industry will offer you quality beef. Some are just in for the bucks; and don’t focus a lot on how meat is processed, handled, and transported. So check whether the supplier has a licensed from the relevant authorities. You can check with the BBB if there are any complaints filed against their products. You can also go through the online reviews of your supplier and store as they will tell you all you ought to know about their reputation. The sentiments of people that have consumed their corned beef briskets will tell you whether they sell good corned beef.

In addition to that, quality is critical when purchasing any beef product. The corned beef briskets come from the pectoral muscles of steers which receives intensive workout throughout the animal’s life. You ought to consider meet quality when buying your corned beef because briskets are quit tough muscles. Getting high-quality premium corned beef briskets will ensure that the cooking time is shorter. It may require you spending more for better quality. However, it is worth it.

The price of the commodity also matters when purchasing your corned beef. Prices will vary and fluctuate depending on the supplier you contact as well as the market itself. Therefore, it is wise that you check the prices of different suppliers to check what will suit your budget. Check prices with various business and conduct a comparison of the quotes. Go for a package that is friendly to the pocket but doesn’t compromise on quality.

Furthermore, decide whether you want the thick-cut corned beef or thin cut corned beef. The thick corned beef, also known as point-cut has the decal attached it but not a whole piece. The piece is marbled through and contains more connective tissues as well as irregular shapes. It contains more fats but very delicious once tasted. For the thin cut corned beef, the fats are low than the thick cut. These pieces (flat cuts) have more meat than fat on them. They don’t have decals like the point-cut pieces. The best between the two will depend on the group of people you are feeding or buying for.

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