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Prevention of Economic Damages from Experts

The economy is managed by experts who have the potential for performing calculations among other official duties. For facilitation of growth of the economy, it is essential for the economy to be managed by experts with possession of good qualities. This is to avoid damage to the economy that comes as a result of economy experts who does not have ethical values. The following are the qualities that should be possessed by the experts. First, they should be trustworthy as they perform their duties. Lack of honest leads economy experts to do under calculations and over calculations for their own benefit. Large sums of money are stolen by economy experts if they are not trustworthy. If the economy experts uphold their virtues in terms of the work trusted on them, these large sums of money loss can get avoided. The level of trust should not be changed evil characters. This is because most economy experts are trusted as they enter into the job. Some of them get challenges to maintain this good quality due to influence. It therefore essential to the already existing economy experts to maintain their trustworthiness in order to influence the excellent virtue of trust to the new experts in the economy.

Secondly, economy expert’s needs are respectful to authority. Since the economy is managed by the relevant authorities of the Government, it is, therefore, essential to maintain respect to them and the public at large. With respect, experts can be able to follow the rules and regulations of the Government. This helps them to become good role models to the others coming up. Thirdly, Economy experts need to be economy experts needs to have enough experience in their work. The experts are able to gain diverse skills in the course of serving the country. In most cases, the more experienced experts are, the more effective they are supposed to be to raise the economy. Lack of experience in giving quality work leads to more significant losses to the economy.

Fourthly, the economic experts are supposed to be led by the vision of economic growth in mind. The economy goes down, especially when economy experts are controlling the marketplace for their own benefits. Management of the economy by experts who are purposed for growth leads the economy to rise. On the other hand, if a country is the management of experts who want to benefit themselves, stealing and fraud actions are witnessed. This drains the economy and the country at large suffers a lot. Finally, it is essential for the economy experts to be good record keepers. The money spends can only be accounted through the keeping of proper recording. Future reference is vital for the experts to account for every coin spent or proposed to be spent in the country. There are those experts who have intensions of stealing the records so that they can conceal future reference. The economy experts are supposed, to be honest not to alter the file in any way. The experts should have a zeal for their work in order to be able to work without or with minimum supervision. Experts who have no interest in performing their duties don’t have a record of missing jobs and not submitting their reports on time.

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