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The Definition And Uses Of Bacteriostatic Water

You should know that water might contain bacteria and instead of killing the bacteria, the bacteriostatic water will prevent their reproduction. This article will let you learn more about what bacteriostatic water is, its uses and cautions.

Imagine a patient in a hospital with clear tubes hooked to his or her arm. You might have seen the familial clear liquid that is running through the clear tubes. Every hospital injects their patients with life-sustaining fluids such as glucose, saline, and a lot more. You will discover these bags of clear fluids that are hanged beside the patient’s bed.

All the different types of medications can be injected from a side tube in order to treat a patient. And the important kind of sterile water used for each of the different kinds of medicinal injections is the bacteriostatic water.

The bacteriostatic water is a water that is made to interfere with the growth of a lot of bacteria. The bacteriostatic water is made of filtered and sterile water that have no bacteria and mixed with 0.9% benzyl alcohol that will prevent the growth of any contaminating bacteria in the water. This will result to a water that is static.

The bacteriostatic water is used to dissolve or dilute any form of medicine that will be injected to the patient. Bacteriostatic water is not like sterile water that is purified and filtered but with no additives, and is used only once most of the time.

Why should you use bacteriostatic water?
There are actually 3 ways for you to inject bacteriostatic water.

The first one is to access the vein using a needle, it is called the intravenous injection. The next one is the intramuscular injection which will use a needle to access the muscle. Finally, injecting the bacteriostatic water beneath the skin which is pertained to as a subcutaneous injection.

You also need to know that bacteriostatic water does not have an anti-bacterial agent that will kill bacteria, it will only prevent the growth of bacteria in the water. As a matter of fact, anti-bacterial agents can have negative effects to medications while benzyl alcohol does not. So bacteriostatic water is used mostly on diluting or injection of various medications because it does not interact negatively with the additives.

Keep in mind that bacteriostatic water and sterile water both do not contain bacteria, but their container might be contaminated after the first use. This is the reason why sterile water can only be used one time. A major advantage of the bacteriostatic water is that the contaminating bacteria cannot reproduce or grow, or be an infectious agent so you can actually use it more than once. You can check out a lot of websites on the internet that will let you discover more about what bacteriostatic water is, its uses, and its cautions.

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