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The Benefits of Having Organic Blackcurrants

Historically, blackcurrants were known as the forbidden fruit in many areas of the United States. This is because the farmers believed that the fruit were the source of a fungus that was responsible for the death of so many pine trees, especially because the fruit was only recently introduced to the continent from Asia and Europe. As a result, they were banned from public consumption and many people missed out on their numerous nutritional benefits. However, when more information about the fruit came to light, people can now enjoy their amazing tart flavor.

Here are some of the top benefits of having organic blackcurrants as part of your diet.

First, blackcurrants contain dietary fiber, which is helpful for the digestive process. A half cup serving of blackcurrants contain 20 percent of the total daily recommended allowance of fiber for both men and women. Like other fruits belonging to the same family, blackcurrants contain both insoluble and soluble fiber. The latter is known to be useful in lowering people’s health risk for certain conditions such as diabetes and high blood cholesterol. The former, on the other hand, is responsible for the health and regularity of bowel movements. They may also be useful in preventing digestive problems.

Second, blackcurrants also contain useful minerals such as copper and manganese. Adults are recommended to have around 900 micrograms of the former daily, and blackcurrants can provide around 367 of these for every cup. Copper is useful for the body because it helps in the synthesis of collagen and the proper absorption of iron. It is also useful in allowing for proper energy metabolism and preventing damage caused by free radicals. The latter, on the other hand, is necessary for a healthy nervous system. Blackcurrants can supply around 19 percent of the total recommended daily intake for manganese. This mineral also helps prevent weakness, infertility, and serious bone problems.

Third, blackcurrants are good for the heart. This is because blackcurrants contains a high amount of potassium and GLA, which are necessary for lowering one’s blood pressure. GLA, in particular, helps boost the heart’s ability to resist damage as well as slow down any possible clumping of platelets in the blood vessels. One study also found that blackcurrants can be helpful in the recovery process after a strenuous workout since it works by increasing healthy blood flow and reducing overall peripheral resistance.

Finally, there is some evidence that shows that blackcurrants can be good for the skin. In particular, an ongoing study from the National Psoriasis Foundation shows that it can help with alleviating the symptoms of the condition. Black currant seed oil, when taken orally, can help slow down the development and growth of patches of psoriasis. The substance can also be applied topically on dry, stinging, or itchy skin. Just remember that there also recommended doses for blackcurrants, even though they are as natural as they come. Pay attention to the recommended dose or allowance to ensure that you are taking it correctly and that you won’t suffer from any adverse effects.

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