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The Importance of Democracy

For a long period now, there has been a lot of change in the way of governance in a lot of countries. Before the independence of most countries, were lead by dictators. After the gain of independence most countries abandoned the dictatorial rule and oppressive rule. After abandoning dictatorship, most countries have changed to a representative type of government or otherwise known as democratic government. This has brought more benefits to the citizens of many countries as compared to the previous way of ruling that was so oppressive to the citizens by the colonies. Some of the many benefits enjoyed by the use of democracy are in the article below.

Democracy has assured the protection of the citizen’s interest. The chance given to the citizens to vote for their choice of leader has guaranteed the protection of their interests. Since you are the ones choosing who to represent who represents you in the government you will choose the person you see fit to represent all your interests. Compared to the previous way of governance that people could not vote, in a democratic government people are a lowed to take part in making decisions by voting for important issues. Because of the frequent voting in a democratic country, it has seen different people arising to power and not only one person or one group being in power. Democracy has helped stop the ancient way of the rule that the strongest on to rule.

Democracy has made most leaders more responsible thus stabilizing the leadership and increasing the quality of leadership. Since in a democratic country you get to power, because of your policies, the citizens will vote you to power to give you the chance to fulfill your promise to them, if you do not you are at the risk of not getting the chance to be in the same position the next election if you do not fulfill the promises. because of the frequent election, it has seen leaders be on toes to do their work knowing that they are not there for a long time. Democracy has promoted change. The different ideas brought by the different leaders that come to power can promote and bring change. Change has also been brought since democracy allows the citizens to express and speak out their minds.

Democracy has helped promote equality among the people in a country. Equality has been improved since everyone in the country are governed by the same law and have equal rights. It is beneficial since those in power don’t have excess power to oppress the other citizens. From the above article, you now know the benefits of democracy and can make a wise decision about protecting democracy.