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Essential Things To Understand When Article Writing And Blogging

Nowadays we are living in the times when there is a lot of competition in the business world. Hence it is the responsibility of business people to ensure that one markets their company adequately. Thanks to the advancement in technology today people can improve their business online. through digital marketing. The only thing that is needed to create a website that can be used to upload the contents. The challenge with many people is that they do not understand the difference between a blog and an article. Articles and blogs are written to give readers information about different brands, situations and things in general. Nevertheless there is a vast difference between a blogger writer and an article writer. A number of considerations that should be checked when writing a blog and when writing an essay.

Most people do not know the difference between essays and blogs and end up mixing up the formats. One can point out an article writer and a blogger using different techniques. One of the ways is checking at the point of view. When writing using the English language, three pints of view can be used. First, second and third-person point of view can be used. In the first person, the narrator uses pronouns like we. Direct pronouns such as you are used in the second person since there are no specified narrators. In the third person point of view there is no narrator though it speaks to the reader using pronouns such as her, he or it. Blogs are written in first person contrary to an article which is written in third person.

Secondly, the content comprised in writing can easily tell the difference between a blog and an article. Both of them address the same subject matter using variant approaches. Blogs are written in no specific format and are entirely the bloggers opinion. Article writing should on the hand be well researched since it relies on factful information.

The third comparison between a blog and an essay is the writing styles used. There is a very huge difference in the tenses used when writing blogs and essays. When writing a blog the writer uses a language which is conversational and casual. People are able to showcase their personality when writing a blog. Formality os however portrayed when writing an article. The aim is to make the reader understand about a brand more than the writer. The fourth difference is the keywords used. Bloggers include particular words in their content. No keywords must be followed while writing articles. Consequently, people that aspire to market businesses using search engines should consider blogging.

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