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Is It Wise To Vape Thousands Of Feet In The Air?

Vaping has been dominating the world of today. You’ve probably seen people vaping on the internet, if not in real life. And those who vape regularly love to have it with them at all times. Extra juice and batteries may also be accessories of choice that help them ensure that they can vape wherever and whenever they feel like it. Society has adapted to this new favorite among some people and haven’t limited its use – well that is, except for when you’re onboard a plane.

For some people who hate any form of smoking, be it through traditional cigarettes or vaping, this comes as good new. But for vapers, this sounds a lot like discrimination and a disregard for folks like them. But for the understanding of both vapers and non-vapers alike, here are the reasons why vaping on planes is prohibited.

One of the real causes of concern for airline companies is the batteries used in e-cigs. Lithium-ion batteries are seen as fire hazards, just like smoking tobacco. If you’ve noticed some security restrictions regarding your gadgets, this is because lithium-ion batteries are present in them too. We must not stand to be oblivious to the calamities caused by lithium-ion batteries exploding in different planes across the globe. But you don’t have to stress out too much as lithium-ion batteries can still be brought on the plane, just not for check-in baggage. So be sure to put those batteries in proper casing or in the mod, and remember to remove them from your bag for security checking much like you do with your phone.

The second reason is the vapor. Nine out of ten people think that when smoke comes from another person’s mouth, this is brought about by a cigarette. With this mindset, the fire scare is increased and anxiety arises among passengers.

Well, by now, you’ve probably considered vaping in the lavatory as an alternative, but that is also not allowed. Although you think you can get away with it as nobody will be able to see you do it, there is one exception – the advanced smoke detectors that surely won’t miss the huge cloud you produce. At 30,000 feet in the air, people would surely notice you with your vape cloud causing the alarm that begins to sound through the plane.

You probably are about to throw a tantrum right now, but remember that there is hope – you can vape right away when you land. Be the one to break the stereotype and represent the vaping community as best as you can by abiding by the law and not facing authorities. Don’t worry, airlines see that vapers are just as important as all other passengers and are looking towards more ways to accommodate them.