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A Guideline on How Women’s Creativity Can be Kept Alive

The lives of women cannot be managed by many because they are complicated. It does not matter whether she has a family or job because their time and energy are needed in every place. Even if women are always busy, they should also use their creative skills. Lack of creativity may lead to mental illness. Causes of mental illness are like depression, anxiousness and also stress. Creativity skills that we had during our childhood life should be used when performing our daily duties because of that reason. Creativity does not mean you have to be fast. You will perform your duties easily when you come up with a creative idea after taking your time well.

For many women, free time is not in their daily routines. Tips that will make them remain focused should be searched by those who are not creative. There are many ways on how women can keep their creativity alive. They will keep their creativity alive by only saying NO which is the first step. Saying No is not a choice to many women because they are weak. At times they are forced to get involved in activities they do not like only to please their husbands and kids. Women should learn to say NO or complain about things that they do not like. Creativity is maintained by those women who say No because their mind will have a space to think.

Creativity of women can be kept alive also by reserving time to do their creative projects. They should set aside free time that they will use to read magazines and watch Tv which might add ideas and creativity on some things. You should draw a timetable if you cannot manage your time. If that is not possible, you can use alarms to remind you where you are supposed to be.

Some other things that women should do are like negotiation, consolidation, and delegation if they would like to keep their creativity alive. Women are the ones who always do the cleaning and washing in homes. If they are tired they should ask their husbands to take their kids to sports or dance practices. Women should not also bring extra work in their homes because they will not have enough time even to spend with their kids. They should delegate some duties even to their coworkers so that they have enough time to keep their creativity alive.

Women who struggle in finding their creativity should look for help. The creativity of women will be increased soon after they view more supplements. They should ask their friends, family, and coworkers about their creative projects. Ideas on how they will enhance their creative projects will be known because their friends will provide them with motivation and inspiration.