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Finding the Best EMP Protection

Protecting your electrical devices from an EMP attack means you will have to take precaution from the effects of electromagnetic pulse. Being the victim of a nuclear, or non-nuclear EMP attack from a aggressive country is a great real threat. The detonation of a nuclear bomb from 25 to 250 miles above the horizon line will disturbed the magnetic field lines of the earth due to massive pulse of x-rays and gamma radiation-containing photons. Electrons which are trapped in the field lines of the earth would cause a dangerous fluctuating electric current which is capable of disabling electronic equipment.

The real threat of an EMP attack is so high that the House Military Research and Development Subcommittee and the House National Security Committee have created the Graham Commission.. The committee is intended to know the weakness in the military as well as in the civilian sector and recommends such methods to improve the protection ways to the United States from any EMP threat. The Graham Commission is recommending to store any electrical grid component and nay hard to make devices that are necessary to keep it working.

Without any EMP Protection, any country and anyone will experience disruption. Disruptions can be seen in vehicle engines, all communication systems, industrial equipment, water pumping systems and electrical appliances and grid. The disruption can cause airplane ignition systems to eb damaged thus causing in-flight planes to fall out of the sky. Following an EMP attack, a rapid and complete collapse of our infrastructure would happen. Comparing the effect of disruption to house built of cards when one supporting card is pulled out, its effect to any electronic infrastructure would also be the reason that it would crash down in a split of seconds.

You can possibly protect you own devices from any disruption by storing them in containers which is made from aluminum and copper. Your protected devices will be able to resist the effect of electromagnetic pulse. The galvanized metal trash can is being insulated with a thick cardboard which make it a great and high quality EMP shelter. Moreover, you can store your own devices to a metal filing cabinet as long as the devices do not come into contact with the metal cabinet. You can use aluminum foil in protecting your own devices by wrapping it around the smaller electronic devices but first it must be wrapped by a plastic first then you can wrap the aluminum foil having a two or three more layers. EMP protection also means you have to have enough food, water, and medical supplies for your family to survive any shortages and social breakdown. This will disable communication thus putting everyone in a hard situation.

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